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David Hewlett blogs (potential new blog as well) + Harry Potter (no spoilers)

First, my lame little Myspace account spit out a notice that David updated his blog so...


excerpt from "Return of the Squirrel King"!

Back from the big island of Hawaii and hard at work roaring towards the end
of season four of Stargate Atlantis! It’s so hard to believe that we’ve only
got eight more episodes to shoot before we’re done for another year. I’m a bit
confused (no news there really) as we’ve got a few days of “Miller’s Crossing
” to tidy up while we shoot “Quarantine” and before we get caught up we’ll
be well into part one of “The Kindred”. Spent the first week back locked in a
room full of plants with the lovely and talented Brenda James reprising her
role as Katie Brown. Not a bad way to get back into the lost city!

Sounds like they had a lot of fun on the trip. Very nice shot of David and Jane, too.

He also said "Looks like I may also be doing some kind of a blog thing (like I'm not already?!) for SciFi.com." Yes! Skiffy's Stargate sites are pretty static. Heck, the dates are even off on some stuff which is pretty disappointing for a pro site for a show. If nothing else, if David does blog for them, it will liven up things. I don't know where the guy finds hte time or energy to do all this!

Meanwhile, procured my copy of Harry Potter & The Dealthy Hallows, and probably like hundreds of thousands of folks today, will sit down and start reading! :) Don't want spoilers on this. No way. Lalalalala. Fingers in ears.

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