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SPOILERS: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, book #7

Okay, got the book today, and spent the whole day reading the book. In fact, just finished a few minutes ago, so now I can go back on the web with no fear of somebody blowing the ending for me with a casual "oh, so and so died" etc. type remark. Phew.

Anyway, shall discuss spoilers under the cut. Repeat, SPOILERS under the cut. You've been warned.In small type just in case.

s p o i l e r s

I loved it!

Okay, the death toll was a bit appalling, but it was war. Didn't expect Hedwig to be the first casualty (eek!) but was quite happy to see Harry, Ron and Hermomine all survive the carnage. I was sad to see Lupin go. I rather liked him, and for a while there I thought, okay, Snape has blown off George's ear (and I had to go back and look it up as I always get 'em confused, George and now, oh wait, poor lamented Fred) so he's gotta be scum. I must admit I wanted redemption for Snape as I adore Alan Rickman's portrayal of him, and wow, got that redemption toward the end when it turned out Snape wasn't so bad after all. 

I did figure out at one point that Harry was going to survive. It was when he was asked to be Teddy's godfather and I thought, oh, they can't kill Harry now. Who will be the kid's godparent and oh dear, hope Lupin doesn't bite the dust  (darn).

I did stop by the Borders store last night, just curious as to their HP party (which ran from 8pm till midnight and then I guess, what, 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. once all books were distributed?) and it was fun to watch little kids running around like Harry Potter. I only wish as a kid we'd had a book series like this. 

Anyway, if anyone wants to discuss spoilers here, feel free to go ahead :) I'm sorta puckered out from the all-day reading marathon so am going to run off another chapter of the SGA story "Honor Bound" and read that before hitting the sack :)

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