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News tidbits on SGA actors

Various tidbits.

David Hewlett did an interview back in March ’07 for Gateworld, which you can find here It does contain spoilers for season 4, so if you’re a spoilerphobe, well, you might not want to visit. He’s back to being busy on his Twitter account as well.

Meanwhile, About.com reports that the Save Carson Beckett folk will turn out to rally for Beckett at Comic-Con on July 27th to “make sure that producers and network execs know just how outraged they still are,” said the article.

Jason Momoa is now a father. According to his official site, Jason (28 today) and Lisa Bonet (39) welcomed a daughter on July 21st. No name has been announced yet.

As for Joe Flanigan and Rachel Luttrell? No news, although Joe should probably be aware folks have already figured out how to hack the iPhones. Oh dear…. No more word on if Joe will drop by Comic-Con, but if anybody goes and he does show, please report back for the masses who are unable to attend this massive event.

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