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Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #04: David Hewlett's schedule, Joe Flanigan, David Nykl & more

Geez, major power outage in San Francisco took out LiveJournal, Craiglist, NetFlix, etc. although it seems LJ was the last to get back up (possibly because the others are more business oriented? but wait, I shelled out cold hard cash for my LJ - I want it back!) Oh wait, it is. But I was typing this up while it wasn't...

Stargate Atlantis stuff....

Ah, David Hewlett has outlined his schedule for Comic-Con at his blog

he's even doing ADB signings. Waah! Wanna go! Blast, darn, curses.  Meanwhile, Kate (his sister) has joined the Twitter craze at http://twitter.com/katehewlett as well as updating her own blog, twittering on about Twitter at http://loft-in-translation.blogspot.com/2007/07/im-officially-twit-ohhhh-dear.html

Oooh....http://www.syfyportal.com/news423940.html breaks down the 2007 SyFy Genre Awards and said "He may not be MacGyver, but Joe Flanigan has almost become the Richard Dean Anderson of "Stargate: Atlantis." Making an impression in the midst of some very entertaining characters is hard, but Flanigan still stands out as a leading man, and will soon lead us into the fourth season of that show." And Joe Mallozzi reported on his blog that Joe Flanigan will be appearing at Comic-Con, so that means, Joe, David Hewlett, and Amanda Tapping from SGA will be there to represent the show.

Sat through all of EUREKA, which I do enjoy, but no joy on the SGA ad. Darn. But, David Nykl was in it, playing a mad scientist of sort (mad only because he has experiments in his basement). In fact, he's such a nice guy he condoned his wife's affair! Wish he'd had a bigger role, but I'll have to wait for the scifi flick he did that will air on SciFi Channel one of these years...

Oh, purchased Stargate SG-1 season 10 on DVD today. Nice set. They had an insert which featured ARK OF TRUTH, the complete SG1 series out on DVD in October, and yes!, promo stuff for A DOG' S BREAKFAST too! :)

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