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The Stargates premiere! :)

Okay, finally!

Just a little bit of reviewing stuff.

First SciFi showed The Science of Stargate, a year or more old psuedo-stargate-science-for-dummies type special that Amanda Tapping did a good job of narrating, although the info was old (as the show was from the UK) but the parasite stuff was neat, if not a primer. If you want the real dirt on parasites, read Parasite Rex. :)

Okay, enjoyed SG1 but only have the energy to really review one show, so it's Stargate Atlantis:

NO MAN'S LAND -- Loved it! Okay, Rodney was in full whine rant in this one - he must have been channeling Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, while Ronon was busy getting out of his cocoon. Question: Do we REALLY want to know where he had that knife hidden? Shep coming to the rescue was fun, especially when he was in the 302 trying to figure out if he could disengage and they flash back to lunch and he's NOT paying attention to Zelenka and McKay arguing about science stuff as he's too busy flirting with a brunette (suspect the anti-kirking folk will be in full gear once GW's forum resurrects - it crashed again, as expected). 

Teyla left in charge? Calls Weir "Elizabeth"? Wow, finally, but let's actually see the two women trade war stories ;)  Loved the way she owned up to her mistakes but charged ahead anyway, as she knew, unlike the bureaucratic nitwits that were busy saving their butts, that none of it would matter at all if the Wraith made it to Earth.

Zelenka and Lorne were fun to see working together, and poor Lorne, nearly killed by a Wraith Queen, and Rodney then remembering, oh yeah, maybe the retrovirus doesn't work on the female of the species...

If I were an alien race, I'd never, ever loan a spaceship to any Earth folk. Cripes, why not just leave the keys in 'em with the engines running in a bad part of the galaxy?

Only part I DESPISED about both SG1 and SGA? The darn ads for Eureka and that superhero show that sucked up the bottom quarter of the screen. Hello, brand new show? Don't ruin it with ads, or better yet, get those DVDS out on the market so we can buy them!

All in all, worth the wait. Can't wait till next week :)

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