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Stargate Atlantis: Inane Joe Flanigan surfing tidbit + Michael Shanks and his snake

Snipped from the July 25th entry of Joe Mallozzi's blog: “…..when we return on Monday. By then, I’ll be well-rested, tanned, and the proud owner of a French bulldog (who we’re hoping to pick up late Sunday afternoon). As it turns out, I’ll be in good company. Turns out Mr. Flanigan owns a Frenchie as well, and has actually had occasion to take it surfing….” Don't think this will turn up on Stargate Atlantis ;)

I've seen dogs surf (on TV shows) but never bulldogs.

…and Michael Shanks' epic herpetological movie, MEGASNAKE, airs on SciFi on July 28th (this Saturday!) [Corrected to August 25th, darn, so far away] So if you missed getting to Comic-Con, you can watch him in what will probably be another forgettable giant CGI snake flick, but it did get him his green card to work in the States… I suspect the movie will be AWFUL but that won’t stop me from watching it.

Tags: joe flanigan, michael shanks, stargate atlantis
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