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Stargate Atlantis: 'new' David Hewlett video

Back when it was cold and snowy, or at least cold, in January, somebody who wasn't thinking stuck up several very long video interviews with David Hewlett, Brad Wright and RC Cooper. Of course, a day or so later, MGM yanked 'em down as they contained spoilers, like, oh, Carson Beckett DIES. Oops.

Anyway, MGM has been dribbilng out little video bytes from those long interviews, and #7 of 7 with David Hewlett has come out.  It's available at http://stargate.mgm.com/video.php?id=47

Anyway, I'd remembered him talking about how much fun Paul McGillion, but sadly forgot about how much he extolled the fun of having Torri Higginson around. It's really sorta ironic or at least sad to watch these videos now (from what I could judge, they were made around the holiday in 2006, so possibly Christmas or Thanksgiving??)

Anyway, you can read the transcript or watch the video or both. David sure does love that shirt as I've seen it in other photos too....

Tags: david hewlett, mgm, paul mcgillion, stargate atlantis, torri higginson
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