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Stargate Atlantis at Comic Con #07: Friday, G4, SciFi, links and more links

First, if you missed last night, there is a video of Zach of G4 at the Stargate Atlantis booth at G4TV.com

Skiffy has put up their page for ComicCon - SciFi Channel - SGA has a panel today at 1:15 PT, so figure look after that.... I'm surprised they don't even mention the Stargate SG-1 movie panel, but wait, Skiffy isn't part of that, so I guess it doens't matter? Pfft. Anyway, Skiffy promises

* Exclusive videos
* Blog
* Costume vote (if you want to really see costumes, you should check out Flickr)
* Gallery

Only the blog (and costume vote) are active right now and there isn't much on it yet. I'm hoping they'll give SGA some good coverage but I'm thinking (probably said this before) they'll push BSG like mad, as well as the Superhero show (which I watched last night; it's like a cheesy car wreck but it was amusing sorta but no SGA ad, darn!). If you're eager for Comic-Con (or Comic Con, seen it done both ways) news in general, simply go to www.google.com/news and search for Comic-Con, or use their blog search feature. There you will find fan accounts, and more and more fans are online at the con.

Also, I think Joe Mallozzi's blog has more potential to zero in on SGA than Skiffy's will.

Heh, David Hewlett twittered (probably as soon as the flight attendant said 'you can use your cellphones now') that he landed in San Diego ;)


And, one of the first fannish LJ reports from the con at http://iheartkeys.livejournal.com/4967.html's journal. You can find a picture of the Stargate Ark of Truth bus and some Sanctuary coverage. If you're attending this con and want to add your link here for Stargate related stuff, feel free to do so in the comment section. I plan to add as many links as I can find over the next week.

A report at http://wohoo.nl.eu.org/Why-So-Serious talks about 'ovepriced " Stargate Atlantis Collector Edition " bottled water. Anybody there see this? SGA has bottled water? A side business!

http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/features/2007/comiccon/ has a bunch of internal links to galleries, etc. They seem pretty comprehensive, so fingers crossed they'll do the SGA panel.

Laslty, http://www.flickr.com/photos/10520907@N03/ - that's TV Squad - is putting up images from the con. Since they've covered a few of yesterday's panels, we can hope they'll cover the Stargate related panels.

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