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Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #12: Multichannel news, photos and links

Of course, after I go to sleep folks start posting)

First, photos from the con with more promised


Accounts of the con and I'm sure there are more to come.

some excerpts, go to link for full report
"Sadly, Michael Shanks bailed out of the SG1 panel for reasons unspecified, but thanks to Chris Judge and his cell-phone, Lexa Doig received a boisterous greeting from the crowd to pass along to her absentee husband...who was reported to have been on the porcelin throne at the time of the call."

"Joe Flannigan is hoping to get a chance to direct (and tried to enlist the support of the crowd on his behalf) but so far he hasn't been given the approval. We may get a story later in season 4 that finally sheds some light on Shepherd's backstory, based upon some story ideas that Joe submitted himself."

"The crowd roared and hooted and cheered and gayly waved little savecarson.com flags, distributed earlier by Michelle from the San Francisco Bay Area, in support of returning Paul MGillion to the Atlantis cast. His popular Scottish character, Dr. Carson Beckett, was offed last year. Fans are hoping Atlantis producers will resurrect Beckett if the series is renewed for a fifth year. (To be honest, I sympathize with the fans on this one. I liked the Atlantis doc and so did Maureen Ryan, the Chicago Tribune television critic who called."

This critic also nicely put up a 45 minute sound file of the SG1 panel (sigh, no SGA wavs yet) so you can listen to the questions (considering the size of the room, unless you're up front, video would be worthless).

No Twitters from David Hewlett... must have been a long dinner! ;)

More fan reports, brief but fun to read:


http://winter-elf.livejournal.com/ (which mentions stupid questions, which also confirms a friend's comments on the SG panels that very 'lame' questions were asked at both panels).

http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/?p=911 talks about the release date of the SG1 movies (Spring 2008) and has a photo of the Stargate bus ad. Promises more news.

http://dajaje.livejournal.com/ has up a photo of Joe Flanigan.

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