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Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #18: More links + MP3 file of Stargate SG-1 panel

More Stargate Atlantis AND Stargate SG-1 stuff from Comic-Con:

http://mata090680.livejournal.com/332130.html - mostly photos from the panels, but some great obviously press type shots of SG1 and SGA casts. Lucky person! And glad they're sharing :)

http://clockstopper.livejournal.com/102167.html - accounting of both panels.

http://m2tv.typepad.com/m2tv/2007/07/chris-judgeaman.html (or main page of http://m2tv.typepad.com/m2tv/) for new pictures of Chris Judge with a new image in Rage of Angels. This is from ComicCon and there are a few more tidbits.

Also, the .wave file of the SG1 panel has now been fixed to an MP3 which I just took a quick listen to, so go and right click save and enjoy. Thanks to Mary McNamara at Multichannel for making this available at http://m2tv.typepad.com/m2tv/2007/07/comiccon-starga.html


Tags: ben browder, comic con, david hewlett, joe flanigan, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1
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