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Stargate Atlantis season 4 ad (#3) - SPOILERS

Stargate Atlantis
season 4 ad (#3) - SPOILERS!!!

The latest ad for Stargate Atlantis season 4 has aired. Go under the cut for screencaps and transcript but watch the video here!!!


In a corridor in Atlantis, Carter is approaching McKay. Sheppard and Ronon are behind her. McKay comes up.

McKay: You said no more gate travel. I thought htat was a wise decision.

Carter: I said on an as-needed basis, McKay. I think this qualifies.

McKay: But don't you think a science team would be better suited--

   Ronon comes around Carter

Ronon: You are our science team, remember? (pats McKay on back and leaves)

   Carter follows and McKay turns.

McKay: Okay, fine, but it's a big planet, you know. We could really use some more manpower.

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