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Congrats to David Hewlett!

Well, fans have been speculating for a while, since a remark was made at a convention in England, whether David Hewlett and Jane were expecting a child. He's said nary a word on his blog or Twitter, but this shot from the ComicCon Scifi press shoot definitely confirms a mini-Hewlett on the way! :)

August 1st UPDATE: Sorry, can't post during the day (job, ya know). David posted at his blog today at http://www.adogsbreakfastmovie.com/content/view/139/35/index.php that "Now, let's talk babies. I have got to say that I'm so impressed and honored by how respectful you have all been about this. I wish I could say the same about some of my co-workers;-) We've not been actively hiding the fact that Jane is pregnant, but we decided, early on, to keep this news private. In fact, outside of work, we've only mentioned it to family, and very close friends! We are obviously very happy and excited and perhaps a bit over protective of our new addition. Jane and I both thank you again for letting us have this aspect of our lives for ourselves." Aw....... :)
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