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Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #23: David Hewlett blogs, picspam, freebies and posters

More fun stuff, and David Hewlett finally got his blog up on the SciFi site (best post on it, actually).

http://blog.scifi.com/comiccon/ - Comic Con Post Mortem by David Hewlett!  Excerpt: Remember the cantina scene in Star Wars? All those multi-colored, armed and eye'd aliens mixing it up and getting down in outer space. Well, I was there this weekend and by George (Lucas I guess) it's a beautiful place to be. Geek Heaven, here on earth, is a short flight from Vancouver, where we're shooting season four of "Stargate Atlantis" - San Diego Comicon 2007. It's the closest thing in the galaxy to being in that Tatooine bar and I've never felt more at home! AND The highlights for me this year (because as we all know, it's all about me) include being the first geek to get to manhandle my (Rodney McKay) action-figure...a smaller, much fitter and less follicley challenged version of myself with hands cupped for heroism. More at link.
http://corrielle.livejournal.com/71172.html – excerpt: The panel consisted of Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Amanda Tapping, and some people from Sci Fi.  It was moderated by (find name), who plays the control officer in SG-1, and is actually a pretty hilarious guy.  I was so pleased to see that all of them appear to be enormous nerds.  Witty, amazing, nerds.  Joe Flannigan is almost as much of a ham as Nathan Fillion, David jokingly pushed the McKay/Carter ship the whole time, and Jewel had one of my favorite answers of the whole panel. 
excerpt: Got a handful of Stargate and BSG pins from SciFi….. Apparently there have been so many requests for "Where's Stargate Command" at Chyanne Mountain, that the military folks have painted a door to read "Stargate Command". It opens up to a broom closet. HA! Also, in the filming of "Ark of Truth", the military branches were trying to show each other up in providing stuff for the crew. The Air Force offered F-16 jets, while the Navy had nuclear sub break through the ice, from underneith it!
Yikes, fans do the Stargate Atlantis haircut at the Comic Con booth.!
In looking through Friday’s photos on this site, I now realize why the CC sold out - Jenna Jameson was there.
http://janetharriett.blogspot.com/ - Preview Night Con Blogging.
We're at Comic Con International in San Diego this weekend. Picture cramming the entire population of three good-sized towns into one convention center, and you're getting close. At least three quarters of the 123,000 con attendees have as their sole convention-going purpose to obtain as many freebies as possible. Me, I'm a little more varied in my con interest. Preview night is a three hour rush to see as much of the exhibit hall as possible (by way of comparison, we waited in line for three hours, spanning two buildings, to get into this three hour spree). Some of the highlights: Procuring a free Stargate SG-1 t-shirt within the first two minutes of entering the hall.
http://starmage2.livejournal.com/15117.html – lovely picspam of the cast (Joe, David, Jewel) from Stargate Atlantis at their autograph table (and outside, too!), David Hewlett’s A Dog’s Breakfast table, and Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood at the Sanctuary table.
http://flickr.com/search/?q=stargate&w=13619553%40N00 has shots from both SG1 and SGA panels AND photos of the Stargate SG-2 movie posters for Ark of Truth and Continuum.

And check out http://amandaraesmith.com/gallery/comiccon2007 for a couple hundred photos from the SGA and SG1 panels and Sanctuary signings at Comic-Con.
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