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Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #26: Amanda Tapping's diary, Ben Browder, David Hewlett, video links

Today’s snippets. Alas, they’re leveling off….



Aw, cute shot of Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping. Check it out! And it leads to Amanda’s own photo diary! http://www.mtv.com/photos/?fid=1566111  Definitely an actor’s eye view of the fans (wow!) as well as more shots of David Hewlett, Chris Judge and Ben Browder.


Photo copyright 2007 by Amanda Tapping


Photos and videos of Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, and Chris Judge. Registration is required to access material. –thanks to Jades for the tip

http://www.lasvegascitylife.com/articles/2007/08/02/news/cover/iq_15816079.txt covered the con, and said this about Amanda's Sanctuary - "Stargate SG-1 star Amanda Tapping and director Martin Wood were pulling triple duty, promoting the forthcoming season of Stargate Atlantis, which Tapping will now headline, plus a new line of SG-1 movies as well as their own web-only series Sanctuary." It's a lengthy article about the con which is a good read.


The Stargate (not sure if it’s from 2007 con)



SGA autograph line



SGA autograph line




A selection of shots from both panels, both shows.


http://beach-chick18.livejournal.com/20145.html  has videos of the SGA and SG1 panels at her journal.
UPDATE: She's graciously added a photo of her signed SGA poster :)

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