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SGA's time slot; Joe Flangan, Kavan Smith, & Paul McGillion on the SGA set, etc.

First, I got verification from SciFi on the 10:00pm starting time on September. I'd been suspect of that time cuz Schedulebot has made mistakes, and until I saw a press release, wasn't going to chisel it in stone. So, the press release arrived, but wait, the ads still say 9:00 pm? So, I wrote SciFi, well, NBC, who actually wrote back and is having someone look into the time disparity as well, apparently we shouldn't be seeing those ads. Oops, someone as Skiffy goofed! Heads will roll, someone will be sacrificed to a CGI bug on a bad movie....


Snerched from Joe Mallozzi's blog. Joe Flanigan's dog tries to escape his clutches. Ah, silly dog!! ;)

For more photos, and the Sheppard background stuff, click on cut below.

The following is snerched from Joe Mallozzi’s blog entry of August 8th, and is relevant to those fanfic writers amongst us who keep going “we want Sheppard backstory”!


But first, some little pics of bigger ones you can find at  http://josephmallozzi.blogspot.com/2007/08/august-8-2007.html


There are more shots of Kavan with the puppy at JM's blog. 

 Perhaps Paul McGillion is thrilled with the press release that came out today about Beckett's return? ;)

Still looking for a title for the Sheppard on Earth story we finished breaking yesterday. To those of you who are using the bio on the Sci Fi website as a guide, stand advised - the reference to his father being a Cold War Colonel is not canon. I’m not even sure where it came from. So, expect some insight into Shep’s past relationships late in season four.

Anonymous #1 writes: “It does make me wonder if he had not approached you with this plot, would we have gotten any Sheppard back story at all this season?”
Answer: Delving into Sheppard’s backstory was one of the things on our To-Do list at the beginning of the season, and Joe’s idea gives us the perfect scenario in which to do it.

Grey writes: “On the SciFi website, for Sheppard's character it describes him as "the son of a respected Cold War colonel". In the upcoming Sheppard-on-Earth storyline, might we learn anything about said father (ie: dead, alive, disowned) or is that something initially thought of that doesn't fit the character anymore?”
Answer: That didn’t come from us.



Sooooooooo….. the Cold War colonel dad isn’t canon. It might be have something submitted by RC Cooper or Brad Wright cuz I don't think someone just sits there and goes, oh, let's just let Louis by the watercooler dream up a backstory to stick on the website (if so, I want that job!).

While this means we have even less backstory now on Sheppard, it also lifts all constraints for fanfic writers to give him any family/parentage they want (as if we haven't already).

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