wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Wow... Flash Gordon!

I can't believe it! SciFi has managed to condense one of their awful scifi flicks into a TV show now. I'm sorry, but I tried it, truly I did. It's had a few snarky lines of dialogue, but the flat delivery, boringness that extends into a black vacuum of space, can't save it. I should really drag myself out the room and turn off the tube, well, reverse the order, and spare myself the misery that is a much-ballyhooed Skiffy show, but well, there might be an SGA ad. I know. Pitiful. Wait, wait. I can set the DVR and leave and check tomorrow. Yeah, I'll try to last till 10pm so I can say I saw all of it (or is 90 minutes? no, say it aint' so!)

The only bad thing is that this show is the lead-in to season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd rather watch CNN than Flash Gordon. Really. I see myself watching Doctor Who, then checking out CBS' vampire show at 9pm, then going back to SGA at 10pm, although will I miss any ads? Although, is it worth the pain? Usually the first show/pilot is really good. In this case, it's not. 

I chose the Teyla icon cuz that's what I should be doing, yes, covering my eyes...
Tags: bad movies
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