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David Hewlett flying high (but not off the trampoline) and baby showers


ComicsOnline, who already brought us an interview with Amanda Tapping  now has an interview up with DAVID HEWLETT.


MS: What can fans look forward to seeing with your character this season?

DH: I think the more sarcastic I can be the better. It's interesting. This season is a big change for us. All of a sudden you have certain characters interacting that you didn't have before. McKay is in this wonderful situation; he's interacting with his girlfriend, and Samantha Carter and the new Doctor, played by Jewel Staite. He's really in his element right now. It's neat. It's really playing with all the character stuff we had previously set up and really breaking it down and changing things this year.  MORE AT LINK ABOVE

and he's updated his blog at http://www.adogsbreakfastmovie.com/content/view/140/35/, where he talks about attending Rachel Luttrell's baby shower (so for those of you wondering if she's had the baby yet, nope, obviously not), and being McCoy on the Star Trek film (he just wants it really bad, but wow, Gary Sinise would make a great McCoy), and not killing himself on a trampoline. ;)

He does also talk about Stargate Atlantis season 4 - Kindred, to be specific, and it seems Ronon gets into a battle. Well, read more at the link. Not too spoilerish but I think we can all guess.

And he rambles on quite a bit about the Dog's Breakfast DVD due out next month, plus more interviews, etc.

As for baby showers, I've never seen a guy at one. Not once, but it sounded like he had fun (and I'm sure Rachel did).

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