wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stargate Atlantis blooper reel!!

Let's hope they get thsi DVD set out soon!

Joe Mallozzi posted on his August 12th blog:

And by the way, in case you thought I’d forgotten, work continues on gathering together material for Stargate Atlantis’s very first blooper reel that will be one of the special features on the season four DVD box set. Some recent finds include: an uncoordinated wraith, an indignant replicator, and a little something for those Shepkett fans out there.

Oh, soooo cool. Bloopers! Yes! Makes up for lack of actors doing commentaries, but what is a Shepkett? Probably obvious, but my mind is still spinning over winning three whole bucks in Powerball (yes, heavy sarcasm there). I keep seeing a cross between Sheppard and a meerkat, probably the unfortunate result of watching the Meerkat Manor/Battlestar Galactica video on YouTube.... Ah, never mind. Sheppard-Beckett or Sheppard/Beckett. Never heard Shepkett, possibly cuz that's not the proper fanfic definition for fanfic of that persuasion... ;)
Tags: bloopers, stargate atlantis
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