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Stargate Atlantis spoiler discussion: season 4 episode OUTCAST

See Teyla's picture in the nice icon? If you don't want spoilers, don't click on the cut. If you wanna discuss this episode, click away...

On August 15th, Joe Mallozzi posted this tidbit to his blog: "Marty G. pitched out a special guest star for Outcast, a character we haven’t seen since his debilitating injury in season one. Won’t the fans be surprised. Well, probably not as I’m sure you’ve figured it out."

First "Outcast" is the Joe Flanigan proposed Sheppard backstory episode that will be written by Alan McCullough.

Anyway, in the time the blog entry was posted, it changed. At first it just said 'season'. No season mentioned. Then Mallozzi edited it to include the actual season number. So event hough many of us are gung-ho for Col. Everett to return, but he didn't show up until Season 2, and Bates got clobbered and given a subdural hematoma, among ohter things, at the end of season one. So, if it's Bates, it's got be traumatic brain injury as busted collarbone and ribs aren't debilitating injuries. Darned nuisance, but they heal. Brain injuries don't necessarily heal.

Anyway, I'd love it to be Everett. I theorize with the title OUTCAST, that's Sheppard, and since it's a Sheppard backstory, it could be a military hearing. Maybe his actions in the Pegasus Galaxy have been noticed and some idiot back on Earth wants him to account of his actions.  In either case, Bates or Everett could be character witnesses (well, Bates probably wouldn't be the best, while Everett would). Of course, this all depends on the actors' avaibility. Dean Marshall (Bates) is listed as doing a movie, while Clayton Landry (Everett) has finished a movie. 

Comments? Speculation?

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