wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

And how was your weekend...?

Let' see, car accident, pit bull encounter, found skull in river, and oh, waxed the car!

Details below.

I was driving along, minding my own business, when I saw a car pull out of a parking lot. This is way ahead of me. Alas, the car swung wide, into the left lane, which was occupied by another car. Ker-runch! What I remember most is seeing bits and pieces of red tailight fly in the air, and the cars sorta meander all over the road. They pulled into a parking lot, I followed to see if they were okay - they were, just rattled - but one car had a crunched fender and the other, well, they're gonna need a whole new driver's side. Ouch.

After that, got gas (ohmygawd, it was $2.95!!!! which used to be outrageous but is now cheap). Then I went to pick up pet food. Went into the pet store and a guy was there with a dog and puppy. I thought, oh, they're terriers. The little puppy, only 11 weeks old, was very friendly and started chewing (not at all hard) when I petted him. He was teething. He was also a pit bull. You know, you hear a lot of bad press but these were well-behaved dogs and the pup was so cute you could squeeze it.

As for the skull. Went to a local park this morning after getting newspaper, and wandered down the less-than-beaten path which wounded down by the river. Decided to actually go down to the river where I found the skull, ribcage, some leg bones. I've seen lots of dead deer, but never actually seen the skeleton, so since I had a camera, I took photos. Here's one.

I also saw a live deer in the park, which saw me, and boy, I've seen 'em run but not leap and bound. They can fly!

And then I went home, did housework, ran virus check, and then went, oh, I'd better wash and wax the car. That way if a hurricane comes up, if a tree doesn't fall on it, it will repel water ;)

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