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Movie reviews!

Well, I can tell you some movies to avoid

MEGA SNAKE - I watched it purely for Michael Shanks and it was pretty dreadful. But then, this was a Skiffy flick so should we expect any different? Ah, nope. Following it up with SNAKES ON A PLANE right now which is another movie composed of dumb people being bumped off by reptiles.  Oh, and saw MIMIC 3: SENTINEL earlier today on cable - had it running while doing checkbook, etc. - makes MEGA SNAKE look good! 

But, THE HOST is a great flick. Picked it up on DVD a few weeks back. It's a Korean monster film, dubbed in English, about the evils of dumping gallons upon gallons of toxic chemicals into the river, so that some-undetermined-time-down-the-road, a monstrous giant guppy-toad-fish critter the size of a Winnebago is romping around the countryside eating up people left and right. The heroes of the flick are a dysfunctional family who suffer their own losses by the time the movie ends, but it's also a veiled movie about the SARS crisis and governmental intervention, etc. Anyway, if you enjoy very well CGIed critters that devour people, this movie is right for you ;) Plus, my gawd, a scifi film NOT made in Vancouver or Bulgaria is a rarity in itself! ;)

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