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Michael Shanks at Chicago Creation Con (Aug 24-26, 2007)

Creation Convention

Chicago, IL – August 24-26, 2007 

Click on the link below to read the accounting of Michael Shanks' panel.

This description, courtesy of a friend, is all about Michael Shank’s panel.



For the first time in a long time that I've been going to conventions - Michael was there without wearing a baseball hat! For those of you who have gone to conventions, you know that he wears a baseball hat a lot - so this was a treat to see him NOT wearing one.


I got to ask him about Judicial Indiscretion and he said he was approached on this role while filming Under The Mistletoe. He mentioned asking the director (who was also directing UTM) what was it about his acting at that time made him think he would be right for the role in Judicial Indiscretion! He also mentioned the role was supposed to be darker - at first the character was a male prostitute! But on the whole, he enjoyed doing it.


His reaction to Megasnake was more of an embarrassment than anything else. I had a feeling of major cringement on his part while he talked about it - he said it was like "the high point of his career".


On his appearance on 24, he mentioned watching it with Lexa. He was like - so you're watching this scene with your wife while you're half naked in bed with another woman! He had his hand over his face and said he asked Lexa what she thought - and she goes "You were HOT!"  Well, of course, everyone in the audience agreed with that!


There was a linguist in the audience who gave him a compliment on Daniel's linguist skills. This man asked Michael about the prayers used during Sha're's funeral and Michael said those prayers and what he said to Apophis' host during Serpent's Venom were real prayers.  He said he kind of had to fight TPTB to use Egyptian during those times - especially during Sha're's funeral scene. Of course, there was money considerations - had to bring in a language expert to coach him in this but his point was, here Daniel is conducting a funeral rite for his wife - a native Abdoyian, in front of other Abdoyians and her father - and he was going to do it all in English??? So he said the compromise was, while he was speaking the language, the camera panned the other cast members and when he was speaking English, it was focused on him.


Someone asked him about if there was going to be something to the Vala/Daniel relationship in Continum and he said, dragging out the words - yyyesss and noooo. But really giving no details.

He mentioned Rage of Angels and it appears that filming on this is going to start in March. He said he didn't even know he was going to be involved in it right away - Judge had wrote this when the news had come down that SG-1 was cancelled and started selling it when it was finished. Then Chris told him he was going to be in it and that, in a rather yeah right tone, Michael's being involved in it was helping sell the project. If you've ever been at a convention appearance with MS - you know the kind of tone I'm talking about - the self-deprecating kind of thing he takes when talking about himself. As he's said in his blog on TV Guide - he's rather hard on himself when it comes to thinking his work is good. Even though we know he does good stuff!


There was some talk about the episodes and whether Daniel was doing to be on Atlantis - his comment on that is he hasn't heard his phone ringing on it.


He didn't say, and no one mentioned - the upcoming appearance on Eureka. He did say he was just getting back into trying to get work since taking off a couple of months to be with his family.

Big thanks to Martha for giving permission to repost this.
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