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This talented actor makes his directorial debut with a film he also co-wrote, called A Dog's Breakfast. In the movie, David plays Patrick, a man who takes matters to a new level when he hears of his sister's engagement to a famous lead actor in a hit sci-fi series. We get some great behind the scenes info and I enjoy David's great sense of humor. We also chat about season four of Stargate Atlantis and the addition of Amanda Tapping and Jewel State to the cast. David and I even chat about his appearence in Sanctuary. Special thanks to Brigette and Caroline from Stargate Publicity. A very special thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel. Check out the official A Dog's Breakfast website. Music by Victor Stellar called Space.

Some excerpts:


The chat is about A Dog’s Breakfast.


David said he went to IMDB and changed it to ‘black comedy’ as it was listed as horror/comedy.


David said after the infamous toothbrush scene, “it took a long time to get kissed by my wife after that one.” He said he’s a huge fan of “A Fish Called Wanda” and old-time comedies like “Arsenic and Old Lace.” He said a large part of the audience will be the Stargate crowd. … He said the most important thing about making an independent film is to make it flexible, and he did, with the people, dog and sets that were available. David admitted that his dog Mars is always available.


He said (lovingly) it was so much fun to abuse Rachel, Paul and Chris and that they were game to do the movie. As for David’s own character, “it’s a self-abuse thing.” And said he did not hold back on the “shameless silliness” of the film. He didn’t want to make an edgy, violent film, or one that you felt you needed to take a shower afterwards, but just a fun film and also one that would appeal to the fans.


He said that Jane is “so good with logistics” and she knew precisely how to put it all together. He’d write the scripts, she’d look at it and keep track of the continuity. David said the house was a big part of the movie, as it was with the old-style movies (like Arsenic & Old Lace). He said the Vancouver rains forced ducks from the lake, to their porch, which actually worked in the film.


One of the biggest things he learned on making the film was “not to panic.”


There are some deleted scenes on the DVD with Kate and David playing jokes on each other. He said that he and Kate have a very combative relationship and joked that they both take great glee in making each other lives miserable. She’d also come in with some notes (being a writer) that would help the script.


He said it was “insane” to both act and write and produce. He didn’t enjoying trying to do all three things at once. When he realized he had no one else to play Patrick, he took on the role as the budget was so low. The whole film was done for $120,000, most of it out of his and Jane’s pockets. Paul McGillion came in as investor, Jim Menard (DOP) and John Lenic as well. He said he can’t wait to do it again.


David said that Jane is very obsessive compulsive, and he is a little too, and she was adamant that the logic be clear why Patrick did what he did (like in the cereal scene). “It was kind of fun to have a true OCD personality on the set at all times – oh, she’s cackling in the background.” Oh, and his house apparently has a lot of spiders, and any spider that enters, risks their life.


He said the DVD has all the deleted scenes on it, so you can see the process to how the film was shortened down. He said himself, Jane, John Lenic, Mars and his mother(!) did the commentaries. She happened to be in town. He said unlike at home, where he gets angry if people talk during movies, he wanted her to talk.


Jane, “my better three-quarter,” who used to work for E! and do live entertainment news stuff, and took charge of behind the scenes, and made four vignettes/featurettes on the making of the movie. “I was blown away,” said David. Interviews, behind the scenes stuff, etc.


You can actually order it via www.scifitalk.com or amazon.com, and itunes.com as well. Since David has a Mac, that’s what he resorted to. David then plugged the official ADB site.


They then spoke about SGA. He said he was amazed “that the best they could come up with was me?” He then said McKay is like another “House,” almost like the Niles Crane of space, or a Fraiser type of personality. They spoke around Rodney’s wraith enzyme-addiction/withdrawal. The whole thing about scifi is to react naturally to totally unnaturally situations, but the smart thing about the shows is they don’t fight it. Like what does the nerd do when he injects the alien enzyme into himself? So you get to play with the comedy and tragedy of it. They then bought up “Grace Under Pressure” which David said “you want me to talk HOW much?”


He said he was “HUGE” scifi nerd growing up. He said the characters are what’s important, the people and their struggles. Then they mentioned “Trinity,” where Rodney blew up 5/6th of a solar system “(“You blow up a solar system, you never hear the end of it.”). And “Tao of Rodney” which showed a little sentimental side of him. “The neat thing about Rodney is that because he’s an SG1 character that moved over, unlike all the other character which are building up their characters as the episodes go along, mine is like a deconstruction. You start with this obnoxious guy who just rubs everyone the wrong way, and it’s through these episodes you see why he is the way he is.”


McKay gives him the freedom to say what he wants, and Jane gives him 15 minutes when he gets home to lose Rodney.


They briefly mentioned “Sanctuary,” where he played someone on the edge of insanity. He said those were the roles he used to play, evil killers, etc. and “they’re so much fun to play.” He was very busy so he asked them what short role was available, and he wanted to try something different that isn’t Rodney. “Even Rodney on a bad day is probably not going to kill people for sport.”


He said that by doing ADB, it’s given other people the chance to do the same thing, to realize that you’ve got so many months off, why not do something?


He also said that they’re finishing up season 4, and “I’ve got a baby due at the same time, so we’re going to see who shows up first, the season or the beginning of the rest of my life.”


He said they’ve got an episode coming up with Carter and Keller and McKay (Trio??)


Visit the link at the top for the full 30 minute podcast in MP3 version.

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