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First, if you want to friend me, no problem....

A bio? Good grief, really? I breathe, therefore, I am :)

I'm a wage slave (heh, go figure that out), who has been a TV buff since, oh my... the television set was huge, you had to turn the tuner knob, and my first crush was on Diver Dan (a kid's show which also introduced me to hurt/comfort, or maybe in those days, it was just putting the hero in jeopardy).

People ask if they can friend me, and I have no problem with that. I'm not swift to friend back, only due to lack of time and I keep forgetting but I do often take peeks at the LJs of folks who friend me. Also, I have no problem if you want to link to my journal or to a specific post. However, please do NOT hotlink to any photos. Thanks.

As to my moniker, I'd wanted a Stargate Atlantis 'handle' and all the ones I kept thinking up were always taken, so I decided to go the black humor route and chose Wraithfodder, which no one else had, and I've kept it ever since :) Goes along with my warped sense of humor (evident in the pictorial parodies I've done).

My last big fandom was Stargate Atlantis (still enjoy it and SG-1). No huge fandoms now, but enjoy Person of Interrest, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, and why can't Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) do my answering machine for me?? Fallbacks are the old day of fun Canadian programming, like Adderly and Flashpoint.

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